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Navigating the Dual Worlds of Recruitment and Youth Football

Platform 1 Recruitment Group

Navigating the Dual Worlds of Recruitment and Youth Football

The recent performances of the England Men’s National Team in the Euro’s got me thinking about the comparisons and pressures that Gareth Southgate and his team have faced over the last month, and the work and values that have gone into preparing for the tournament. This led me to reflect on how these experiences mirror everyday life in a professional capacity.

While I’m not comparing myself to Gareth Southgate, I do wear two distinct yet surprisingly similar hats that provide unique insights into both worlds. By day, I am the co-founder of Platform 1 Recruitment Group, a boutique, market-leading firm specialising in Audit & Risk Recruitment, Legal & Compliance Recruitment, and Tax & Treasury Recruitment. By night—and often weekends—I am a devoted coach for Didcot Town’s under 7’s football team, where my son proudly plays.

Here’s how the lessons from these roles intertwine, shaping my approach to leadership, professional growth, and personal fulfilment:


Leadership: Guiding Stars On and Off the Field

Leadership in both arenas involves guiding individuals towards a common goal. At Platform 1, I lead a team of talented recruiters dedicated to placing the best candidates in roles where they can thrive. On the football field, I lead a group of enthusiastic young players, helping them develop their skills and enjoy the sport. In both cases, creating an environment for growth and success is paramount.

Professionalism: Setting Standards of Excellence

Professionalism means maintaining high standards and embodying values that inspire your team. In recruitment, it’s about providing exceptional service and ensuring integrity. On the football pitch, it translates to fair play, respect, and dedication. Leading by example in both roles is crucial.

Continuous Learning: The Key to Staying Ahead

Staying ahead requires a commitment to continuous learning. At my company, we invest in training and development to ensure excellence. This dedication is mirrored in our coaching, constantly seeking new strategies to challenge and engage the young players.

Determination and Resilience: Overcoming Challenges

Both recruitment and youth football come with their challenges. At Platform 1, we’ve experienced highs and lows, handling departures with support and understanding. Our football team has faced differences of opinion, but open communication and a shared vision have helped us navigate these hurdles. Finishing 3rd in the A league of the Oxfordshire Youth Football League is a testament to our resilience and hard work.

Enjoyment and Passion: The Heart of Success

Enjoyment is at the heart of successful recruitment and youth football. Professionally, we create a positive work environment where our team loves what they do. On the football field, the joy and camaraderie drive us to succeed.

Trust and Togetherness: Building A Strong Team

Trust and togetherness are vital in building strong teams. Work wise, we foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. For Didcot Town’s under 7’s, teamwork and mutual support are equally important, ensuring the team’s success.

Champions of Their Profession: Operating in the Topflight

At Platform 1, we pride ourselves on being champions in recruitment. In youth football, our team’s performance showcases their potential and commitment. Finishing 3rd is a significant achievement, reflecting the hard work and dedication of both the boys and the coaching team.

Passion and Resilience: The Drive to Succeed

Passion and resilience drive success in both recruitment and youth football. My passion for recruitment and coaching stems from a belief in the potential of individuals and teams, fuelling my determination to overcome challenges and achieve excellence.



I’m proud to say that the worlds of running a successful recruitment business and coaching Didcot Town’s under 7’s football team are more intertwined than one might think. Both roles require leadership, professionalism, continuous learning, determination, enjoyment, trust, and togetherness. These elements are the foundation of success, helping us navigate challenges and celebrate achievements, whether in the office or on the football pitch.