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If you’re ready to embark on a journey that offers more than just a monthly salary—a workplace experience that enriches your life, fulfils your aspirations, and celebrates your unique talents—then look no further!

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Step into a culture where every individual is not just a part of a team, but the very essence that propels us forward.

At the heart of Platform 1 lies a profound dedication to crafting extraordinary experiences for our clients and candidates, and every member of our team.

Our people are not just employees; they are the lifeblood of our business and the embodiment of our collective vision. We thrive on nurturing their growth, fuelling passions, and empowering ambitions.

As we relentlessly pursue excellence in every aspect of our work, we are equally committed to igniting the potential within each member of our team.

Together, we are architects of transformation, shaping not just careers, but lives.

Typical opportunities within our teams

Whether you’re embarking on a rewarding career in recruitment or an seasoned recruiter or leader looking to take your career to new heights, we’d welcome the opportunity to tell you about our vision.

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Starting out

You’ve decided that a career in recruitment is for you, and you’re looking to join a business that tailor your career path around self-development and a realistic opportunity to earn.

Subject matter expert

Opportunities where you’ve learned your craft, delivered results in your respective market and now ready to take your career to the next level.

You’re a seasoned recruiter, led teams or departments and looking for opportunities to transfer your entrepreneurial spirit into a rewarding leadership role.

Craig Longland

Global Director

Craig’s experience and specialism in the Audit and Risk Market has made him one of the leading subject matter recruitment experts across the FTSE 100/250 and Fortune 500, as well as the Public Practice space globally.

Marcus Panton

Global Director

Over 10 years, Marcus grew the Audit & Risk division of a multinational recruitment company into one of the largest specialist internal audit recruiters in Europe, with clients in Industry, Financial Services and Practice. In 2014, Marcus partnered with Craig to launch The Audit & Risk Recruitment Company (ARRC).

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Founded by industry icons Craig Longland and Marcus Panton in 2014, we’ve assembled a team of expert recruiters who have established us as a market cornerstone, earning the trust and recognition of both clients, candidates and solidifying our reputation.