Internal News

Employee or Stakeholder?

Platform 1 Recruitment Group

This week we hit a BIG milestone at Platform 1 Recruitment Group and our three brands: Audit & Risk Recruitment, Legal & Compliance Recruitment, and Tax & Treasury Recruitment.

When we set the company up, we always wanted to create an inspirational as well as aspirational culture, and part of the vision was to incentivise our employees with a feeling of ambition and growth by having a ‘stake’ in the business, what we’ve always referred to as ‘skin in the game’.

Stage 1 of our EMI Scheme

So this week we launched stage 1 of our EMI scheme and mapped out a clear path to stage 2 in 18 months. With the support of John O’Sullivan, we feel we have created something quite unique!

We are extremely proud to have reached this milestone and are excited to take the business and, more importantly, the team on the next leg of this journey.

Stage 2 of our EMI Scheme

Stage 2 of the scheme is open to all future employees, so if you’re a recruiter reading this and you are looking for something bigger and more meaningful at a company where you can be more than just an employee, contact me in confidence at